Terms of service


1. Practices are intense, demanding and with a professional environment where every week will get harder and harder.
2. Kids must practice what learned in the preview weeks so they do not fall behind.
3. Kids must be focus and willing to learn at all times. In another word, we are in the business of developing players and not babysitting. If the kids are forced to come to practice, this is probably not the right program for them.
4. If your child has any learning, physical, or mental, disability please disclose this information in advanced.
5. Overall; kids should have the drive and commitment to at least try their best and have a 100% positive attitude during the 8 weeks.


– ChinGuards are NOT mandatory.
for clinics and camps SHINGUARD will be used in the last part of the practice. If the kids feel comfortable with them at all times it ok to wear them but I recommend to do the 1st part of the practice without them and then when is time for interacting with the other kids, to put them on
– Please bring a soccer ball (I have extra ones if needed)
– Soccer shorts and a comfortable t-shirt as well as soccer cleats
– Bring plenty of water
-Positive mentality and willing to LEARN


NO PARENTS are allowed to step in the field unless an emergency (example: walk in to give the child water or snacks).
Please understand that I am trying to form the kids and treat them as professional players. Our programs are strict, the main focus is to learn with European mentality.
I understand everyone have their own point of view of how to train soccer players, particularly in a country where Soccer is not as big as other parts of the word. I encourage those parents that feels that their child must be playing around and having ONLY FUN, wanted them to take water breaks every 2 minutes and eating snacks in the middle of practice without even being accountable and responsible for learning, and think that our practices are way too hard or advanced for them to PLEASE enroll them in a different program.
Parents with this mentality will create a bad environment and slow down other participants and we are ALL ABOUT PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.
I have the right to refuse training to anyone that I see is making a bad environment for the rest (kids or parents).
PAYMENT: 1on1 Privates:
-CASH ONLY (no checks or credit card)
-1st payment is due on the first session (session 1 of 4)
-Renewal payment is due at the last session of the package (session 4 of 4)
Clinics & Camps:
– Cash
– Debit/credit card and checks (extra charge for these options)
-Payment is due in full and must be paid 2 weeks before the program starts


NO REFUNDS whatsoever are allow after committed to any program that Elite Personal Soccer Training might offer.
Amount paid is NOT transferrable to any other person. Payment is only valid for 60 days from the day of purchase.
Normally practices are once per week but if you need to take a break and still have lesson left, they MUST be used within 60 days or value will expired and lose any lesson left.
1on1 Privates:
I understand things can happen and I am open to reschedule any booked sessions.
Heavy rain will cancel the practice unless the client wish to practice (light rain or under 110 degrees whether are not reasons for cancelation).
However, cancelation must be done at least 24 hours in advanced in order for me to reschedule it using the same credit.
Cancelations within 24 hours prior practice will be charged.
Clinics & Camps:
Heavy rain and temperatures above 110 degrees will cancel the practice and another day will be rescheduled to make up.
No money back, refunds of make-up sessions are allowed if you miss practice.