If you are interested in becoming a SPONSOR, make a DONATION or simply if you would like to find out more opportunities to partner with Elite Soccer, Contact Us. As a sponsor, you will receive exposure for your business in many different ways that we can discuss the details.


The importance of sponsorship


It is no question that US Youth Soccer is the largest youth sports organization in the United States.  Its numbers have grown from just over 103,000 kids in 1974 to over 3 million kids in 2017.  However, American youth soccer suffers from a lack of experienced coaches at the recreational level, and soccer clubs, on the other hand, can be too pricey for many families.

That is why Elite Soccer was born. Our purpose is to bring an exceptional experience of European style soccer training to America’s youth at both the recreational and club levels.  The quality of our training, the experience of our coaches, and the competitiveness of our prices are unmatched anywhere in the Los Angeles area.

Many of our players come to us struggling in soccer and just want to be better.  Some of our players even struggle with attitude and confidence issues.   Through personal and group training, Elite Soccer not only creates great soccer players, but great individuals.  No matter a child’s situation, we mentor our players, build their confidence, and offer a positive alternative to the negative influences found on the streets and in parts of our culture.  That is why we need sponsors like you.

We have been fortunate in past years to have the support from local businesses within the San Fernando Valley to bring about a positive change in the lives of hundreds (thousands) of children.  We hope you will join us in the effort of not only training elite soccer athletes, but also creating a positive developmental experience for children.


How you can benefit as a Sponsor:


Elite Soccer is growing as demand for affordable clubs and quality leagues grow in the San Fernando Valley.  With this growth come great opportunities to increase the exposure of your business!

  • Exposure for your business
  • Your logo and website link at the Sponsors Section of our Website
  • Your web, logo printed on our Merchandise or/and Marketing campaigns (Training T-shirts, Banners,Flyers, Social media, Marketing objets with Your Logo such soccer balls, water bottles, backpacks, soccer attire and more.

* We are open to hear your Sponsor Proposal.

How Donations will be used?


You can also support our league with a monetary donation to our Player Development Program.  If you donate to this program you are helping those children with hardships take advantage of a great opportunity.  Your donations can also be used for field rentals, equipment, training shirts and the many other necessities of the sport, and will help keep the cost of this program low so we can reach as many children as possible.



How can I become a Sponsor or make a Donation?


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, make a donation or if you would like to find out more opportunities to partner with Elite Soccer, please contact us by summiting the form with a detailed message and we will contact you as soon as possible.