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Elite Soccer Training offers individual and group training sessions challenging players to meet their goals; both short and long term. We focus on each individual player and their personal needs. We find it extremely important that young players take opportunities to practice their technical skills and improve their mobility when not practicing with their teams. The average soccer team has about twenty players and we understand that everyone is unique and requires a different program customized for their individual needs.

Our services includes:

  • 1 on 1 (Personal Training)
  • 2 players (Personal Training)
  • 4 players (Small Private Clinics)
  • Player Development Clinics (Small groups up to 10 players per age group)
  • Summer Camps
  • Team Practices (Recreational such as AYSO, West Valley Soccer League, etc… )

Time is one of the most valuable things we have. At Elite Soccer Training we help you make the most from your 90-minute personal session providing you with an extremely effective program. Elite Soccer Training will keep you motivated and goal orientated. You will leave every session with multiple exercises that should be practiced outside of sessions to further growth.

Some of the most fundamental practices are not practiced during team training because it is ineffectiveness. During personal training I recommend focusing on principles for both defending and attacking. How to control and pass the ball correctly (how to give a ball and not a potato),

What part of the foot to use and when, Short and long passes in order to reach the target, Passing and Receiving, Dribbling, Shooting, Juggling, Leadership, Positioning, Anticipation, Confrontation, Aggressiveness, Confidence, Delay, Marking, Tackling, Communication (body language, signs and verbal language), Decision making (what, when, and how to do it) , Coverage, Technical skills, Speed agility coordination, Creativity, And many more …

* Besides 1 on 1 training we have trained recreational team such as AYSO and West Valley Soccer League teams helping the kids develop the right way and faster (having a parent as a coach is the worst mistake a team can make, even if he/she has a coaching license and the knowledge).


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